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GoFundMe by Christina Henline @FISHFLAGS Sundot Marine - 100% for Lahaina Harbor Fishermen and Tour Operators:
To Help The Employees and Lahaina Harbor Tour Operators:
People have not only lost their jobs, many have lost their homes, cars and possibly family and friends.
Trilogy Lahaina Fires Relief Fund
"Help our Trilogy Crew and Staff recover from this unbelievable tragedy. All donations will go to aid our employees directly affected by the fires. Our office and most of our staff live in central Lahaina. Lahaina is gone. So many of our staff have lost their homes and all their belongings. This money is not to help our business, its to help our employees and their families. If you want to help our business, please continue to book our tours as they become available. We deeply appreciate your generous support and prayers during this dark hour."
Trilogy V at Lahaina Harbor June 30, 2023
"In light of the devastating wildfires that are still actively burning on Maui, we are committed to standing by one another and our community. With the unforeseen challenges that have altered the lives of our valued ‘ohana, we would like to kōkua (help) by launching an emergency relief fund to extend our support and assistance to all those affected.
Many of our employees don’t have homes to go back to, or access to medical care and are experiencing difficulties communicating with their loved ones. Our first priority is to provide immediate support for those who don’t have access to basic amenities. Every contribution will make a difference. Your generosity will directly impact the lives of our ‘ohana."
Pacific Whale's Ocean Spirit June 26, 2023
"Aloha! Heidi here. I told the Crew that their fans, our passengers, want to help them out. Since you guys shed what you could do, it would be nice to raise $100 for each of them who still have a home and $200 for those who don’t. Would be quite a generous tip!"
"On August 8th wildfires on Maui completely devastated the town of Lahaina. Many of our staff lost their homes and everything they own. The donations raised here will be 100% split equally amongst all our staff members only and not be used to refurbish the dive shop.
Those of you who have spent time with Lahaina Divers know that the staff are some of the most passionate, fun-loving, dedicated dive professionals in the world. They truly love the ocean and love sharing with our divers.
They need your help now. Please look into your hearts and give generously for them as they determine the next step for their livelihood."
Lahaina Diver's Dauntless vessel June 28, 2023 in Lahaina Harbor
The People of Maui Need Your Help!
 Maui Strong FundMaui Food BankAloha United Way • News Updates - Maui Now
"Thank you to everyone who has reached out from all over the world to make sure we are ok. Although many of us have lost everything, we still have each other and fond memories shared on the water with you! For that we are grateful. We are completed devastated by the footage showing the destruction of our beloved Lahaina town due to the fires. My name is Iwa. My husband and I own and operate Makai Adventures and Kainani Sails. We currently employ a total of 10 people, not including ourselves, and now everyone is out of work. I’ve started this fundraiser because many people have asked what they can do to help. At this point we are all still overwhelmed and trying to process what this will mean for each of us. In the meantime, I’m hoping to fundraise $1000 for each of the crew members who have lost their home and $500 for each crew who has been affected. Any excess funds will be distributed evenly among all crew. All funds will go straight into the crew’s pockets as they are each faced with making difficult decisions to decide what is best for them and their families. These fires haven’t stopped yet. And they are not only in Lahaina. Please continue to keep Maui in your thoughts and prayers."
Makai Adventures & Kainani Sails Crew Support
PIONEER INN GoFundMe for 50 Employees
Pioneer Inn at Lahaina Harbor June 30, 2023
"My name is Kitty and I am tying to raise money to help the 50 staff members at the Pioneer Inn who lost everything in the devastating Lahaina Fire on 8-9-2023.
Many of the staff have been working there for decades. Fortunately the guests and staff on site the day of the devastating fire were able to evacuate, also saving the Hotel Parrot Alex. However, most of these hard working employees lost their homes and all their possessions in the fire.
Originally built in 1901 by George Alan Freeland, the Pioneer Inn debuted as a first-class destination for travelers passing through the island. The Pioneer Inn was also the first lodging to ever open in the community of Lahaina."
"Pioneer Inn has been destroyed by the fire! One of our friends has started a Go Fund Me page to help our employees."
August 8th, 2023
Atlantis Holokai June 25, 2023
Atlantis Submarines Maui Fire Relief Fund
"Please help donate funds to our Atlantis Submarines Maui employees due to the Lahaina wildfire! If you’ve enjoyed our Maui submarine dive, you may already know about the heart and passion of all our Maui employees working together to provide our guests with a fun Maui submarine adventure beneath the sea.
All of your donated funds will help our Atlantis Maui employees and their families in this time of emergency until our business can reopen. Amidst the unspeakable tragedy of loss of life, some of our employees have also lost their homes in this wildfire.
Our boats, office and other facilities have also been decimated by the Lahaina wildfire. Right now, we are working on a plan of rebuilding for the future. Any donation you can provide will help our employees during this time. None of these donation funds will be used for our business.
Thank you so much for your support. Our heart goes out to all of Maui and we look forward to the day we can explore with you once again. Mahalo!"
GungHo Sailing Lost Sailboat, Business and Home
"Please Kokua Keahi & Ali’s Ohana and help them rebuild their lives. I am Karine, a close friend of Keahi & Ali’s Ohana, I am organizing this fundraiser to help them get basic needs & begin rebuilding their lives. They have lost their home, sailboat and business in the Lahaina Fire and everything they owned. Keahi has served the Maui community as a firefighter for the last 15 years and he served on the front lines yesterday on the fire, saving many lives. Ali and Keahi run GungHo Sailing together and they loved sharing real sailing off of West Maui with kama'aina and visitors alike. They have 5 amazing kids together : Mihana, Nalu, Tepua, Zach and Jed and they need our help right now. Please consider donating so they can start to rebuild their life. It's going to be a long road. Mahalo nui loa! xoxo"
Please Support LAHAINA YACHT CLUB by Donating to the LYC Fire Relief Fund
Donations will go to supporting our wonderful and diligent staff during this difficult time, as well as to rebuilding our club.
"We, the captains and crew at Sail Maui have been fortunate in that every one of our team is safe and accounted for. However, many have lost absolutely everything, many more are displaced, unable to return to homes that might be standing, and most of us are out of work for the unforeseeable future.
It's going to take a massive effort and a long time to rebuild and begin to heal and everything helps. One thing we've learned this week is that the people of Maui are resilient and we've got each other's backs. Maui Strong!
All donations from this campaign go directly to our staff affected by the fires, These funds do not go toward the business."
Sail Maui Crew Relief
"We are experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in the islands history. Raging fires have destroyed the entire town of Lahaina. Many of our beloved employees, crew members, families and friends have lost their homes, belongings, loved ones and lives.
All donated funds will go directly to Quicksilver, Calypso and Malolo crew members that have lost homes and vehicles.
Our hearts are broken. Lahaina will never be the same."
Our crew in west Maui have lost everything
Sea Maui Fire Relief Fund
Sea Maui
"On Wednesday, August 9th, 2023, for those of us living and working on Maui’s west side, our world completely changed. A wildfire, fueled by dry conditions and high winds, swept across the historic village of Lahaina taking with it everything so dear for so many. The village is gone and too many people lost their lives. For now, we grieve while at the same time making plans to rebuild our precious gem of a town.
Sea Maui’s first instinct is to reach out to our family of co-workers, some of whom have lost everything, house, car, clothes, pets. To meet this challenge, we are establishing this Go Fund Me with all donations going directly to help our employees and their families affected by the fires. Right now everybody is helping everybody else, it is truly an extraordinary expression of Aloha!
We deeply appreciate your generous support as we navigate through these dark times." Mahalo Nui Loa, Sea Maui
GoFundMe: Help Maui wildfire victim Captain Chrissy Lovitt
Lahaina Restoration Foundation's GoFundMe -  Lahaina Wildfire: Save the Banyan Tree
UFO Parasail & Adventures Lahaina Fire Relief
"UFO Parasail & Adventures is raising money to support the employees at our Lahaina, Maui location who have been affected by the Lahaina fires. Although we are grateful to say that all of the members of the UFO team made it out of Lahaina safely many lost their homes, vehicles and all of their belongings. "
Gemini Charters Employee Fire Relief Fund
"This fundraiser is for the Employees of Gemini Charters. ALL donations from this campaign go DIRECTLY to our staff affected by the Lahaina Fire. None of the funds will go to the business.
50% of our staff have lost their Lahaina homes, burned to the ground. They have lost everything. Please help our team recover from this unbelievable tragedy. Thankfully, we are truly fortunate that all of our employees are now accounted for, but many of our friends and loved ones are still missing.
The Maui boating community has been teaming together through these trying times to help the people of Lahaina efficiently and quickly. The Gemini team has been lending hands, hope, hugs and tears as far as they can reach. While we are all thankful to have each other, everyone here is doing all they can with gratitude.
At this point in time, our lives have been placed on hold. The proceeds from this fund will go directly to our Gemini Employee Ohana (family). Helping them proceed forward with what's to come. My name is Anita and I have been the Manager of Gemini for the past 9 years, and I will make sure the funds are donated directly to the staff right away.
Thank you for your generous support, we truly appreciate all of you. And will see you out on the water soon!'
"As you may already know, a devastating fire recently swept through the Lahaina area of West Maui, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Many of our dedicated employees have tragically lost their homes and possessions as a result of this calamity. The impact on their lives has been profound, and they now find themselves in desperate need of basic essentials such as shelter, food, and hygiene necessities. What you may not realize is that many folks are without transportation as it wasn't just homes that were lost, but an entire town. Cars, houses, grocery stores, convenience stores, power... it's all gone.
Your donated funds will be distributed using an accountant so there is full accountability that can be shared with donors as we distribute. Initially, we will make necessary purchases for food and clothing. in the weeks ahead we will supplement rentals for displaced employees for the working community of West Maui.
In light of this dire situation, we have established a relief fund aimed at providing immediate assistance to our affected employees and their families and friends who have lost everything. The donations we collect will be used to offer temporary shelter, meals, and essential hygiene products to those who have been displaced by the fire. Our goal is to ensure that they can regain a sense of stability and start rebuilding their lives amidst these challenging circumstances.
Your generosity and compassion can make a significant difference in the lives of our employees who are struggling to cope with this tragedy. Any contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way in providing them with the support they need during this difficult time."
Lahaina Fire Victims
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